If you have necessity to deliver a valuable cargo to destination, Protect Group is ready to supply specially trained drivers, accompanying security guards, reliable and suitable motor transport, modern communication facilities and all necessary equipment.

We provide both escorting of automobile or motor truck of the customer, and our own armoured specialmotor cars equipped for transportation of valuable properties and monetary resources. “Protect Group” will assist to choose proper vehicle for your case.

Transporting High-value Assets

Cash, as well as property having high value (jewellery, works of art), for security purposes are transported on armored cars of various classes with driver and accompanying guards. You will provide safety of transported documents, jewellery, cash, other expensive or valuable things.

Tracking of Cargo

Bulky cargo, such as vehicles or industrial equipment, is freighted by commercial means in tracking of motor cars with security. Order Tracking of Cargo, if it is necessary to transport expensive equipment, large or high-valuable consignment.
Entrusting the cargo escorting to Protect Group, you can be sure in safety and integrity of the cargo all along the route.